Jita is not the only Faction :)

Was wondering if the other factions in New Eden are mad that the Caldary are the only ones that had enough ISK to afford building a new trade hub!!! I also wonder if the other factions don’t see this as a treat and build there own wonderful and powerful trade hubs… but what do i know :wink:

Each NPC faction has it own tradehub, I believe Gallente has one in Dodixie, Amarr in Amarr system.
And so on.

Maybe they will make renovation of them in the future too, but with so many issues in the game, I am surprised, they had time for Jita.


Jita became a major trading hub in Eve Online for a variety of reasons. Rather than retyping what’s already been explained, here you go:

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come to amarr
hard working people there
amarr chat best chat

Yah, but it’s not the Amarr doing the work, lots of eating and being degenerates, but not much actual work.

wait wait wait …
we do like to eat …
the degeneration is in dodix

*this picture is for illustration purposes only


To all I love all the answers but I was just messing around with CCP and wanted them to update the other 3 trade hubs… I think they did a fantastic job on the look of Jita inside and out . For a gameplay aspect I think it would be awesome for the other faction to make there trade hubs bigger and beautiful (like Jita but totally different in there own faction style) and just not the same stations as all the rest :slight_smile: cheers to all

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But but but…
What if CCP doesn’t know how to use rust as an adhesive?!?

You just made my day, that’s truly magnificent.
His buttons are gonna pop!


lmao im dying

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Well, you pay taxes when you trade.

So just imagine how much taxes Jita 4-4 must accumulate every day.

Caldari built the new station because of how much they made there. The other 3 trade hubs dont stand a chance.

Things went down for the Gallente when some church ladies had the Pleasure Hubs removed.

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Well isn’t that special. Mr. Wolfhammer is still upset over the closure of the pleasure hubs. Did you type with one hand?

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To be clear, there happens to be a trade hub in each empire. the NPC empires had nothing to do with it however.

well … the trade hub in amarr is amarr
amarr / amarr
because we like amarr that much

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Yah, but we have both Hek and Rens, because if you have to have crappy trade hubs you might as well do it twice.

By the way, I’m selling ship oxidizers.

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They may eventually upgrade the other hubs if their attention isn’t drawn to something else between now and then. But it’s just cosmetics. No content.

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