Big Blue Test Icicles

Big Blue Test Icicles is recruiting!

Who we are:
We are a medium sized low class worm hole PVP entity based in the US Tz. We are part of a lowsec alliance that give us lots of content out in KSpace when the hole is dead. We live in a C4 with C3/C5 statics. We PVP in Jspace as well as Kspace and when we aren’t running PVP ops we krab as well. We have a small EU TZ that we are looking to expand. Also looking to expand our industrial division.

What we offer:
SRP for both Jspace and Kspace as well as capital SRP
Experienced FCs
Decent Killboards
Buyback program
Perfect PI in the Wormhole
Recruiting incentives
PVP incentives
Industry incentives

What we require:
7.5 mil sp
Capable of effectively scanning in wormholes
Capable of creating own content
Capable of understanding English for fleet fights
Capable of providing insightful comments and concerns without offensive behavior
Capable of following instructions
TeamSpeak and discord are required

Additional information:

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