[Nullsec] Big Blue Test Icicles is recruiting!

Heyo! Big Blue Test Icicles [BBTIC] is recruiting people to join us in our adventures in nullsec! We’re an ex-wormhole corp that recently moved out to dab our hands in nullsec.

As a corp that’s a part of an alliance fighting for sov, we provide…

  • Constant content at a solo~small gang size, possibly up to medium sized fleets.
  • Friendly, family-like atmosphere with friendly insults flying everywhere, all with respect to each other.
  • No activity requirements; you play when you play. We may ping that certain fleets are important, but it’s ultimately up to you to show up or not.
  • SRP for most fights and losses!
  • The opportunity to take part in building a sov-null alliance from the ground-up.

What we want:

  • Someone that’s not toxic af.
  • Doesn’t mind insults being thrown in a friendly manner/casual aggressive banter.
  • TS3/Discord access

Reply here or evemail Elarkas Eistiras for details! <3



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