Big collection of EVE Parody Music

Continuing the discussion from Favorite music videos so that we don’t kill everyone’s browser when they try to scroll through that thread:

May as well open up the wiki and unleash the firehose of EVE music here. Some of these are amazing, some of these are terrible, many of these are propaganda, but there’s enough EVE stuff to keep you busy for an entire flight in 10% TiDi:

This one won’t post here, but change the URL to the word that rhymes with duck and it will …■■■■-goons

Hopefully I copied and pasted all of these correctly, we’ve been collecting these links on the GSF wiki for years :grinning:


Always loved these. Favorite right now is Dock Game, but there’s lots of classics here.

I’m still mad at WMG for copyright flagging Some [CO2] I Used To Blue and blocking it from view worldwide instead of just monetizing the fricking thing like the copyright owners did on other RMT Records stuff.

And, because LOL YOUTUBE, there’s been no response to my dispute as of yet.

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Thank you for assembling these. Quite a few that I didn’t know existed!

I’ve been collecting parodies for years and have made the Sounds of New Eden listing. There’s tons on there that so many people don’t know about.

If you know of any that aren’t on my listing, I’d love to know! :kissing_heart: It’s slacked the last few months since I haven’t seen any new releases lately.

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Moved this to My EVE instead of Out Of Pod Experience, since these are all EVE-related.

Hello Guys!

I am more a writer than a performing artist and have written several song parodies for Eve. I’d like to make them available to anyone who is open to using them for a song or something.