DM Galaxy's "Our Weapons" (Abandoned Remix) needs to be made into an EVE music video

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After listening to this track over and over, all I ever see in my head are scenes from EVE Online, traveling and fighting in space. I’d love to see CCP or someone creative and talented enough to put together an EVE montage as a video accompanying this song. It’s such a perfect fit for this game.

What music are you listening today?
(Vortexo VonBrenner) #2

Is this the song you refer to? :

If you’re into it, you can make an EvE fan video if you want. It’s fairly east nowdays. It seems highly doubtful CCP would pay for the rights to use this song officially.

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Yes, but the Abandoned Remix version.

I wish I had the time and skill to do it, and the ability to license it, but alas I don’t. I posted in hopes to inspire someone with the ability to do it to look into it, if not CCP. Maybe they can use it as a video ad or something, to help promote EVE.

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Ah. So this one. I can see this version might fit much better with EvE than the other.

There’s an ongoing thread in the out of pod experience section of the forums (“what are you listening to today”) where people post music they’re listening to. Everything from classical conciertos and acoustic sitar to gwar and die antwoord.

Maybe post there and see if anybody likes it enough to make an EvE video with it.

I still think you could do it. Doesn’t have to be astounding.

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Thanks, Vortex. I posted as you suggested, and maybe I’ll give it a shot when I have a little spare time.

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