Music for EVE - Free Burnin'

Hi guys!

Created a new EVE song about an EVE player and his/hers first experiences with the game :slight_smile:

Free Burnin’

PS: there is an extra song at the end :wink:


All the best,
AlienHand - Creator of Sound and Music


Alienhand77 tried well!

A rap-style lyrics “What I think of EvE” by @Dagon_Kal_Typhon.

…“Nice style of writing about real things. So much was told in few phrases. Your pieces of poetry aren’t “What you think of EVE”, but what EVE is. Don’t take this post as rap battles, - it’s just a remix:”

There’s a malady in the minds of many of my generation,
Who think life is a slide-by situation,
Centered on instant gratification,
And many a game will rise to provide without hesitation,
Things like fast-travel & instant passion,
Access to all locations without any pesky action!

But wait, all play-styles are indulged equally via the creation and facilitation…
Of ‘safe spaces’! I used to think this was the proper way,
And when I came back to Eve: “It was a good play?”
Holy crap, was I mistaken in game?
Be more or less the same.

I thought I could sit in my citadel, and be the space king,
Minding my business, doing my thing.
This is mighty High-Sec, no one’s gonna mess with me.
And why should they? Just lookin’ to mine rocks in peace.
Nah, no thanks. I don’t wanna PVP. I don’t consent.
Well, guess what percent?

PVP don’t give a f**k!
Square up and good luck with a buck.
I lost my Ass-House to a bunch of piratey Ducks,
And my cool too, like a Mikey Mouse.
Even after CONCORD plucked their feathers away,
I’m spelling the words in channels: “No way!”.
But even through the anger of a berserker,
I knew deep down I deserved it like a drug maker.

I made a lot of mistakes, I didn’t do my homework.
This is Eve-Space! Ignorance don’t work!
And after the fact I acted like a jerk.
Not cool, dude. Mind the words you choose for a perk.
You were bested today. WTF, no GF!?
L2Lose w/ grace, GF & save face.
A bit of life wisdom that goes a long way,
From your wreck place to a vat bay.

…and that’s another thing I learned in Eve-Space today.

Excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Whoever is singing definitely has a great voice.

Also kudos on the ending, was quite a surprise.


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Thanks man!

Yeah it was a fun project to do :wink:


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I believe I just bumped this thread :smiley:

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