BIgBang Mafia - Hi and Low Sec mining corp

BigBang Mafia Corp based in hisec/lowsec NW Domain Space

BigBang Mafia is a hisec/lowsec corp based in NW Domain. It is pretty quiet out here, perfect for new folks to learn. We are an industry and PVE focused corporation, looking to develop and progress ourselves with this focus in mind. We offer a relaxed friendly environment for people to play the game and have fun. We have no plans to take over the eve universe but just want to carve out our own home in space where we can work together and have fun playing this fantastic game.

Recruitment channel: BigBang Recruiting

We Offer the following hisec/lowsec Activites

:diamonds: Regular Mining Fleets - with full boosts hauling and isk payment for ore mined and option to buy ore from the corp
:diamonds: Regular PVE Fleets
:diamonds: Buy Back Programs for ore, pi, salvage
:diamonds: A friendly community welcomes young/old/new/experienced players
:diamonds: Chances to become more invovled with the running and development of the corporation for those who want it

We want every pilot who joins BigBang Mafia to have fun and stay with us for a long time, but if they decide to leave we want them to be a better eve pilot then when they joined.

What we expect from pilots looking to join

:diamonds: New players and Alpha clones welcome
:diamonds: Be Active
:diamonds: Be Friendly
:diamonds: Want to play with others - this isnt a single player game

And have an active Explo WH mapping ongoing daily

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