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Can we still submit our video to ccp for the billboards? I’ve been trying to find out and end up on a dead end road, if so can someone show me more about it or point me in the right way please

Not to derail, but seems the billboards need a little fixing. A lot of the videos have an intro/teaser, and then comes the real announcement. But they way they continuously cycle back-to-back, it’s hard to tell which part is connected to the other part. Is this the outro of the last video, or the intro for the next one? Maybe a brief fadeout of partial second of black screen would help.

Anyway, the question was: How to submit a video for the billboards?

Yes, billboard submissions are still accepted. Keep in mind it may be a month (or several) before you find out if your content has been accepted. CCP has largely stopped replying with rejection emails.

All the info you need regarding where to send billboards and the creation parameters are still found here.

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thank you for that info

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