Bio length changes

It appears somewhere along the line they fixed the issue of bios having a “maximum” character counter that was mostly ignored, it said you could only have 2500 but it was fairly easy to go past that and to then be able to basically put in as much as you wanted. Now it seems if you have one of those old bios and go to edit it, it cuts off the excess and strictly limits you to only 2500 characters. As someone who likes to include helpful links to character profiles/channels/websites in many of my bios this has been a pretty severely limiting change, particularly in that it appears to do it’s character count based on whatever code gets included unseen in the background as well. Want to put in a link? It may only be ten letters long, but will count as 150-300 characters. Want to link someone else’s profile? 80-150 characters. Linking a channel? 100-200 characters. Adding colors or making things bold/italicized seems to get crazy pretty fast, in some cases it seemed to me like it was adding code for each letter I input.

I don’t mind having a stricter character limit, but could we not have it count all of the code in the background against us too please?

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