Biography nerfed

User Interface:

Increasing the character limit for corporation bulletins (4000) and character biographies (2500). Note that links are now correctly counted when enforcing the maximum size of the bios.

I was unaware of this and found my bio truncated when I was trying to edit my bio. Fortunately I was able to rewrite it by removing some formats in other places of my bio.

After a bit of experiment, I realized that under the new metrics of length a link to an item can be about 100 characters and link to a fit can be about 200 characters long.

CCP is so good at stealth nerfing, I must say.


OH GOD 2500 characters! EVE is now clearly doomed and it’s of course a massive nerf, oh wait… no it’s not.

If you need THAT big a bio then perhaps you have issues. Also, if you really think that links are 100 characters long then use better links better or use shortened links.

Thank you for the warning!

I propose longer bio text buffer for omega accounts.

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