Corp Bulletins with more than 4000 characters

I’d like to see the Corp Bulletins have an increase in character limit. To at least 8000, matching the limit in Eve Mails.

While 4000 may sound like a lot, once you start doing links and fonts, it gets eaten up really fast.

For instance, one of our main bulletins details when/where/how our mining operations are. In terms of characters only, it consumes 1736 characters (based on copy/pasting to Notepad++). However the bulletin itself, with structure links, and fonts, consumes 4550 characters.

In addition, you’ll note, I said it consumes 4550 characters. Yet I can still save the bulletin. So the 4000 limit is really a “soft” limit rather than a hard one. So it should be easy to increase.

For context, we are using all 10 bulletin spaces available to us (having more spaces would be wonderful also!) and several of our bulletins are at, or exceeding the 4000 limit.

FYI, you can exceed the limit, but doing all your formatting/linking afterwards. If you go over the limit, nothing bad happens except that you cannot keep typing, and if you remove characters, you cannot re-add until you are under the limit.