Huge typing delay when text input area has many characters

Software wise I understand why this bug exists. Probably an O(n^2) complexity based on the number of characters required to calculate the flow of a text region, but it seems like a fairly simple fix given the examples available from a huge amount of open source GUI frameworks out there.

I frequently send long EVE mails which can have 5000-6000 characters on average. I also think the 8000 character limit is probably due to CCP using VARCHAR(8000) instead of VARCHAR(MAX) for performance reasons when they store the EVE mail in the DB, but this shouldn’t be a problem in 2018.

Is there an ETA on a fix for this, it would be a huge QOL improvement, my client freezes for up to 10 seconds when typing a few words if there’s more than a few thousand characters in my textarea.

Not to sound like a douche but…

Get a free forum? FFS no one reads yuge eve mails.

Consider me a purist but breaking out of the EVE client regularly is a huge immersion breaker.

I only send a large email when it is necessary, which is often the case as I provide advice and financial products. It helps for people to have comprehensive terms and information for them to understand in full what we’re offering. More often than not, these ‘yuge’ eve mails are often appreciated.

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