Client Lockup when typing in Eve Mail?

Just got back into the game after a long absence. It is installed, running, and quite playable, except for one nagging issue.

If I type more than 2 or 3 characters into an Evemail, the client completely locks up. I can wait a few seconds, and it will catch up and keep moving.

If I type an entire sentence without stopping, the lockup will last 5-10 seconds. An entire paragraph, and it will sit for 20-30 seconds, before un-freezing and spitting out all of the text that I typed.

Anybody else run into this? Chat works fine, typing in other areas works fine, it’s only Eve mail that does it.

Should specify I guess…

|Distributor ID:|Ubuntu| (Xubuntu specifically)
|Description:|Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS|
GTX 760.


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