Laggy text input

For the past week or so, text input has been very laggy for me - there’s a random delay of up to a few seconds for every character typed. This only affects text input and hotkeys etc work fine. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any idea how to fix?

Using Proton 8.0-5 with the Steam Flatpak.

What OS? Ubuntu? Debian? Market text boxes, asset search?

Flatpak. The host OS shouldn’t matter. It’s Arch though.

All text input boxes are affected - chat, save location, transfer amount, set name, buy and sell orders, etc.


When used with flatpack, it matters less, you got me there.

Linux installation is definitely on hard mode there.

Fullscreen or fixed window? DX11 or 12 ?

X11 or Wayland?

Got any overlays running for mumble/discord?

Single screen?

You tried resetting your eve game profile back to the default? Changed the font/text size/ui scale at all?

Cannot say I have heard/seen this before, its a tough one.

Fullscreen or fixed window? DX11 or 12 ?

Fixed window and DX12. Changing either did not fix it.

X11 or Wayland?

Wayland. Not interested in downgrading even if that fixes the problem.

Got any overlays running for mumble/discord?

Disabling Steam overlay and MangoHUD did not fix it.

Killing ibus (pkill -i ibus) fixes the problem instantly though. It’s not ideal and it doesn’t answer why it only started happening recently though.

I admire your choice of distro, I thought about it myself but I am too much of a wimp. I am running Xubuntu 22.04 removed all the snap and flatpak nonsense on day one. I converted my account to non-steam and downloaded and installed Wine 9.0 from WineHQ. No real issues other than the ordinary stuff.

With all that out of the way, there are many things (other than your machine, OS, and internet) that can cause what you are talking about. I have been here about 18 or 19 months now, and in that time, chat has completely fizzled out. I was still able to play, just no talking. Glitches are fairly common place with this game. Also you should check your ping rate, see if there is another server somewhere in the middle, where the admin is using it to cook his nachos. I saw a good write up on the forums here sometime ago about latency and the causes.

My Recommendations to Avoid Latency
Convert your account from Steam - Go to the EVE homepage and enter your account using the Steam button. Once there go to your account settings and change the password. It will then explain, you need to convert the Steam account to an EVE account. You will be asked to make a user ID and password. Your Steam account will still work but you don’t need to use Steam or Proton ( just their version of Wine ) to play EVE. Then install Wine 9.0 from WineHQ.

Next I don’t leave my EVE laucher running in the background, it sucks down some major CPU cycles. After my client launches I close the launcher. All I have running is EVE client and the wine server. While in the game you have tools to monitor your ping, frames per second, etc… I don’t need to see my 3D ship fly through the EVE background. I use CTRL+Shift+F9 and kill the 3D graphics. Response time goes way up at that point. I guess you could turn the graphics way down, but they are just fireworks.

Remember if the issues only happen with the one game, most likely it is not the fault of your setup.

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