Input delay

I have a 2 second delay exactly when double clicking in space. Any known causes or way to fix this?

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I came here looking for answers to the same question, so its not just you. the input delay for me seems to start when I am selecting my character and proceeds to make the game pretty unplayable. the issue started maybe one or two days ago? also the radial menu would appear every time I clicked on something in space. its not a hardware issue I think cause I have no problems for anything else on my computer.

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Mine is literally just double clicking in space regardless of ship or fit I have a 2 second delay from the time I click to the time my ship actually moves. Everything else in game doesn’t seem to have any sort of delay. I’ve talked to my corpmates and several of them also have this issue.

I genuinely thought my mouse was breaking but yes got similar issues

Is there no update for this or work around that anyone knows of?

Yeah I’m getting delays of up to 30 seconds when I try to enter warp, align. dock, open a menu or activate a module. It happens at random, but at least 80% of the time there’s a delay. Sometimes 5 seconds, often 30. I’ve submitted a ticket as no other game on my machine has issues like this

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