Since the latest patch everything I do is delayed as if there is game-wide tidi

Everything is delayed. Align/Approach button works half the time. I have to hit it multiple times to ensure the command goes thru. Same goes for drone commands.

Anything involving clicking a button has a 2-6 sec delay before it actually happens. This includes, but is not limited to, saving a location in space, looting, activating any module actually, warping, opening any window. Moving think from one location to another is also laggy. Fitting Modules has a delay and moving things between ship cargo and hangars, etc. Switching ships has a delay, pulling up blueprints for industry jobs, the Route Sidebar appearing after making a route, grouping weapons, Dscan is delayed, any ship command.

Going through gates also has a chance to freeze the entire game screen for up to 10 secs (I thought it was going to disconnect). Once it kept freezing over and over and this lasted for 20+ secs. Each time the audio would cut and then restart. As you can imagine this makes it very dangerous to play. PvP, Wormhole exploration or any PvE content that cannot be done in your sleep is out of the question. This needs to be fixed ASAP. My commands are running on Tidi, but the game itself is running normally.

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same here wtf happened

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