Is it just me?: 2-6 second delay after every input/command making it like I'm in constant tidi

Everything is delayed. It started after the last update on the 20th. Nobody else seems to have this problem that I’ve asked in-game. But everything was fine before the servers went down.

It starts from the log in. There is a delay from when I click the character portrait to when the game acknowledges that I clicked it. Align/Approach button works half the time. I have to hit it multiple times to ensure the command goes thru. Same goes for drone commands. Anything involving clicking a button has a 2-6 sec delay before it actually happens. This includes, but is not limited to, saving a location in space, looting, activating any ship modules, warping, opening any type of window (loot window, ship cargo, agent conversations, character sheet, assets, etc.). Moving things from one location to another, like from ship cargo to station inventory, has a delay. Fitting Modules has a delay. Switching ships has a delay (more so than usual), pulling up blueprints for industry jobs, the Route Sidebar appearing after making a route, grouping weapons, changing ammo, dscan, double clicking in space or any ship command - everything is delayed like I’m in mild tidi.

Sometimes going through gates freezes the entire game screen for up to 10s. I thought it was going to disconnect. Once it kept freezing over and over and this lasted for over 20s. Each time the audio would cut and then restart. As you can imagine this makes me uneasy about being in any PvP situation, doing WH exploration or any PvE content that cannot be done in my sleep seeing as there is an artificial decrease to my reaction time.

The only think that isn’t on a delay is the chat. I’ve confirmed with other players that my comments are still getting thru immediately because they confirmed the timestamps.

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I do have issues like this, especially when docking, undocking, or hitting an acceleration gate. It’s not an all the time or persistent thing, but there are moments, usually in the above circumstances, where the game freezes and then suddenly lurches to where it should be. It’s something that’s been happening only for the past two or three weeks.

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I’m having the same issue, sometimes I actually log off the delays are so long after update.

This is known as latency.
The chat servers are different to the game servers so there is an issue somewhere along your path to the game servers most likely.

What I have noticed the last few weeks is that commands take 2 seconds or more to happen. The issue is present most of the time. It appears to be present in some systems more often than others and comes and goes away randomly. It’s almost as if the tick rate is half of what it should be.

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I have had this issue as well, for quite a while, TBH. It is not latency as I trace routed the network path and it seems fine.

I will have commands “dropped.” Long times (2+ seconds) before a command will be accepted etc. I haven’t noticed a correlation between this phenomena and specific systems. But it does seem random.


Yes, I get similar too. Quite often a delay to being able to execute consecutive commands, eg “loot all”, wait, click MTU, wait, click “scoop to cargo hold”. Also slow frame rate in the abyss

Just now it seems far worse in Uitra than it was in Perimeter. Wasn’t very noticeable in Perimeter. I’d have to do some traveling but there may be a correlation between the “tidi” and the specific systems or clusters. I feel like it got a little worse with each system the closer I got to Uitra. Maybe I’ll fly to another career agent system and see if that has anything to do with it.

Introducing: Distributed Ti-di. When there’s a war, we’re all affected.

I have the same problem and it’s maddening. Trying to do any PvE activity is a study in frustration because of this

When the lag is so bad that you freeze past the gate timer on the other side of a jump, leaving you helpless with your a$$ets hanging out,…well, then it’s time to try other games. Amazingly enough, trying those other games revealed that any other games based out of London or the EU worked fine. Please fix.

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It’s really tricky to pin-point this if there is not a general problem affecting all players. In the last 30 days there haven’t been much change in latency to the nearest Cloudflare POP

(and even where there is an increase in the graphs, it’s still all less than 180 ms). So if this is a network issue it’s in your local network or at your ISP – we have seen both types happen. Please submit a support ticket to Customer Support and make sure to state your RL location, what ISP your are connecting through, what kind of network (wired vs wireless, ADSL vs fiber). Please send a traceroute from your local computer to and a SpeedTest to a nearby location with the ticket. Maybe Customer Support has been seeing requests that look similar and they also have some debugging.


Ping does not appear to mean a lot with this issue. When I ping or any other server in London, it’s consistently around 20 ms.

When I try to do something in the game, like moving around, it can be responsive like this:

Or it can be very slow to respond like this:

This was just a few minutes apart in the same system and it appears to change randomly. This is the same for activating modules. It has a big negative effect on the game.

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Which means it isn’t a network issue, and I seriously doubt CCP coded a random 5s delay into the server just for you and not everyone else. (Yes I know a few others have reported similar behaviour, but not everyone).
This means it likely is a local computer issue, have you considered it could be antivirus/firewall related.

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That’s not very likely. Pinging a server does not tell you much about how the software and hardware connected to that server are performing. For example in eve there can be many systems that run on one cpu core. It’s not hard to imagine that it can take longer than 1 second to process everything that happens in those systems.

I would say try the same thing I did at different times in a couple of systems and see if you can notice this issue.

@CCP_Explorer I’ve been reporting about this in other threads for over a month now (the issue started for my location on Sept 7th). It is every day, same time of day, prime west-eu time, say between 1930 and 2230 UTC. Last night made for some very poor game play on TQ, outstanding calls for 20 seconds sometimes, packages coming in after 30 second delays in groups (grouping multiple cycles worth of damage messages from both my pilot and npc’s), the endless cycling, weird messages like “item has been locked, no reason given” while looting from wrecks etc etc. Challenging PvE, let alone PvP are simply out of the question.

When it was at its worst, I switched over to Singularity, same account and character, same pc. No lag there, none at all.

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That response sounds like you haven’t bothered even investigating the possibility of a local issue. Instead just decided it must be CCP.

I have the very same issue.
Consistent lag between every gate jump, activation of modules has the same issue.
Even had my warps to gate happen twice, because of lag.

I did a tracert with the eve launcher tool, and it didn’t go above 50 ms.

EDIT: I should probalby mention that market, contracts and all that jazz are really unresponsive.
I’m not 100% sure of the timeline, but i’m pretty sure it has been ongoing for at least a month.

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Which entails that there is some probability that the issue is network related since TQ has better hardware than SiSi, they are running approx. the same code, but they are located in different parts of the world. Since you are affected and not all players then the network issue would be located near you, somewhere on the path from your house to the nearest Cloudflare colocation (from where it is routed to TQ). We have seen this before where suddenly the path from certain ISPs to Cloudflare goes bonkers.

Please submit a support ticket to Customer Support and make sure to state your RL location, what ISP your are connecting through, what kind of network (wired vs wireless, ADSL vs fiber). Please send a traceroute from your local computer to and a SpeedTest to a nearby location with the ticket. Customer Support may be able to spot a pattern and figure out what ISP might having problems.


I have also been getting this for the last couple of weeks. I seem to get a 1 or 2 second delay on opening assets, aligning/aproaching ect. Wired connection Fibre/UK on Virgin Media.