TIDI everywhere

Everyone on server is lagging badly and experiencing heavy tidi

I sold something on market 5 minutes ago, it vanished but never got the ISK?

are we being DDOS’d again ?

I am in final abyssal room and my speed is over 1000 m/s towards the exit gate but it seems to be doing about 1 m/s. The timer is counting down at 1/100th speed too…

CORONA reached Tranquility :frowning:

The TiDi has been really bad when I’m entering a system, and gets progressively better as I cross it.

Just attempted to start ice mining but gave up after five minutes when drone was not even half way to the nearest ice - unplayable. Guess I will have to do something else this evening!

Would be nice if we got a warning message, even if only one of “something is causing a problem, we are investigating.”

Just log off, it’ll only cause irritation and possibly losses. Not worth it.

It was only lasted like 5 minutes, not the end of the world, really

It seemed to get better after 5 mins. Can’t see how DDOS would do this, more likely someone fat fingered a maintenance job on the central databases outside of DT.

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Jitabot is transforming into Stationtron

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In the past this would have been a DC


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