Double Click in Space Delay Affecting Manual Piloting

I notice about a second delay from the time I double click in space until the little circle indicating my approach direction. I guess this has to do with the server “tick” timing? Is this what other folks experience? Seems like this will mess up my manual piloting ability.

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once i was just about to escape a gate camp, but the delay of the double click align messed me up and i died ;-;

Yes and yes.

It means the faster and more transversal-dependent your ship the more the delay matters, as larger and slower ships tend to have sheer EHP numbers that can forgive small delays in making turns – and typically they turn like a molasses-swimming-whale anyway. Counterintuitively, this means the most-accessible-to-new-pilots ship category – frigates – are the most noticeably affected by this delay.

Onky rarely will your manual skills really matter. The fight is almost always won or lost before the first shot is fired-- or even before the ships settle on grid. Eve is not honorable jousting with lasers, and the sooner you surrender that delusion the happier you will be.

Your JOB is to find or create some advantage and then exploit it. Do something unexpected, discover what your ship can reliably kill, get some friends, learn from every loss. Do that and server ticks become less of an issue.

Final note… theae forums are full of toxic whiners. Ignore them.

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