Computer Lag in Station

Ok, so this just may be me and my crappy old Machine but,
Is anyone else experiencing computer lag in stations while opening windows, selecting containers, moving items, . . etc?
This has been going on for just over a month now . . could just be my computer but I need to ask.

Try years. I’ve never played EVE without it freezing. But I have to be fair so I’ll say there are too many variables to blame CCP and not say something about ISPs and the networks we rely on, they’re not always reliable.

Depends on what you mean by lag. Half a second? Three? Also depends on where you are, Jita is always going to be more laggy than most other places but recently I noticed everything running a loot smoother and more snappy in Jita.

Did the lagging/delay correlate in any way with turning on either DX 12 or the Photon UI?

Both of those have casued lag/delay/missed clicks/dialogs not responding for me. Typically in the half/1-second range though some can be longer.

Sorry no, it has been happening for some time now, I think it’s probably just my old azz machine.
The updates are finally catching up to it.

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