Broken Mail interface with Photon UI

(the recipient is blurred out for reasons)
you can clearly see that the subject line is partially blocked. you can select and type in it, but there is no way to see what you are/were typing.
(restarts game without photon UI)
I believe the photon UI enlarged the text boxes (as seen in the offset compared to the “To:” and “Subject” lines to the left of it), but the spacing (for the other elements) are not changed, thus cropping some off.


For example in this non-photon UI you can see the (similar) spacing and the fact that both boxes are be shown:
(Recipient blurred out))

*ahem*. yeah.
Just remember to patch it.

Have you considered using an Evemail client (even a Thunderbird add-on) that uses EVE Swagger Interface ESI API? Could probably hack up an evemail commandline client in no time.

Perhaps they could add it to the Eve Portal mobile app, would be handy to have mobile Evemail.

I would like to double this, and ask to fix the problem. The interface is still broken, as the ‘Subject’ field contents is still invisible.

I am posting to confirm that I also have this problem. I thought maybe it was because I use a larger font size (being someone who doesn’t have laser-acute vision) but the problem remained when I resized to medium and restarted. Turning off the Photon UI now because I don’t feel like I should need an external app to respond to recruitment mails…

I made it 2 minutes before running into this bug and deciding to switch back. How long until they fix this? Can’t believe I can’t send EVE mails from within, well you know, the EVE game? Turned it off. Can’t wait for some of these massive bugs to be fixed eventually. Right now, the game looks like someone’s first website project before they learned about flexbox in CSS.

Having Similar issues 7/28/22, subject text box is not tall enough to read/see the text in it. No manner of stretching the window is viable to alter the visibility.

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