Create link from corporation bulletins / Copy/Paste. Possible?

o/ all,

I was wondering if there was a way to create a link to a corp/alliance bulletin ? MOTD are limited and i was looking for a way to put all doctrine fits in a notepad or bulleting and make a link of it in a MOTD.

Other question : is there a way to copy/paste a notepad/bulletin to a chat channel or mail ? Each time that i try it all existing links in the original text are deleted and just the text is pasted.

Thanks a lot for your feedbacks : this will be very helpful

That I know of, you can not create a link to a corporate or alliance or bulletin.

This is a pretty new feature as far as features in eve go, but they added a ‘copy with formatting’ option to the right click menu for some things. I am not sure if it works in a bulletin or not, but if it does it should solve that problem.

Within a corporation, I suppose you can save corporation fits with a searchable tag unique to a doctrine and use the fitting window filters and search bar. A list of these tags in the MOTD would take up less space.

The accounting for this is kind of spotty, but Eve text limits usually do take into account extra characters that are invisible to you that denote formatted text. This means you get more words if you use less formatting and vice versa. I imagine fitting links have a lot of hidden text that describes the fit and having a lot of them would use up your character count very quickly.

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