More prominent placement of Corporation Bulletin?

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the Corporation Bulletin is very well hidden in EVE, but I think it is a useful tool especially for new corporation members. Is there a way to link it on a more prominent position in the MOTD of the corp chat?

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I thinks that’s a good idea, but I don’t think New Citizens Q&A is the proper part of the forum for this suggestion.
Try here:

It was less a suggestion than a question if anybody knows how this is possible. But it seems indeed that this is not possible.

It is not possible for us players - and everyone around here is just a player.
It is possible for CCP, of course, but that’s another part of the forum, which I was happy to share a link to. But as always, it is not possible without further investigation, so it won’t change within days or weeks.

Well, if it’s not information that changes frequently, you can include it in a welcome mail that gets sent to guys when joining. And if it’s info that might change more frequently, you can post it in corp chat motd. Of course, small chat windows are better suited to short motd’s, and not large amounts of information. So, at some point, you’re better off creating a forum where you can post news items and all that good stuff.

Oh, and you can also put stuff on the in-game calendar and send out corp mails. Just don’t get too spammy with it or people might stop reading them.


Agree with Shipwreck.

Our corp welcome mail specifies that you should check corp bulletins when you join.

All “quick”’ corp info is on the chat MotD.

All other important info for the corp? Discord, special announcement channel with corp announcements etc.

As a recruiter, I try to recheck the corp bulletins once a month, just to verify that what is stated there is still actual. If stuff needs to be changed, likely it already is known to existing corp members through the MotD, Corp mail or Discord post. It just needs to be updated for the new recruits to be the actual new information.

On the MOTD is usually too less space that’s why many corps start spreading info around many channels, which is a total mess in my opinion.

Same is for Discord which in addition has the obstacle that you can’t link to in game objects.

Corporate Bulletin is a Perfect Tool, except for the fact that it is hard to find.

How is it hard to find.

It is litterally the freaking FIRST screen that pops up if you click the corporation button.

If your corp members can’t even find the freaking corporation button, I feel sorry for you.


So, given that some might not have it on their in game hotbar…It takes like 10 seconds to go to the bulletins.

E > social > corporation…2 clicks and 3 movements of your mouse

“E > social > corporation” are by the way 3 clicks and 2 movements… and if you want to draw peoples attention to then this is simply too much as people are lazy bastards :wink: A simply link in the MOTD would be much better here… just ask your personal User Experience expert.

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