Alliance & Corp Bulletins

i wrote some and and i think this thing has to get a bit of an update
ok yes you can work with colors, you can link ingame and post links to webpages but its a bit old school … internet in the 90s …

cool would be:
write with no limit
add a picture
a function to share a corp bulletin to alliance … not repost it

maybe others can think on more stuff like that to make it work a bit better and looks better


or you know, do what every other alliance does and link to an out of game document/site that will always have more options than in game and doesn’t waist dev time

i guess it would make sense to have it ingame … otherwise i need a password protected part on a homepage … someone has to make it and have to take care on it … this guy leaves the corp/alliance … you need a new guy … oh the password … who els has a webspace … sorry … ingame IS really nice … and a small improve would be cool … nothing big …


or just link to a google doc? why do you need to overcomplicate something as simple as keeping people in corp/alliance up to date with relevant happenings?

because we have a system ingame
its allways crap if you need outside stuff
like i said … then you have somethign on a space outside … the guy quits eve or leaves and you stuck with no info … you need to get a new one and such things …
why? what for?
could be so easy …

then you are playing the wrong game m8

you’re trying to tell me not everyone in your corp knows how to edit a google doc? how crap can you all be?

it already is

no no … we all know that but we just dont do it … keep the stuff ingame

well i think different … we keep it ingame as good as possible

yes thats true … its so easy … so you cant have a format or other stuff … but you are not interessted in such stuff … you do it in a google doc … rofl …


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