Biscuits Industrial (second post)

Hello! I may be new here to posting, But I have been playing the game since 2013, So the main topic of this post is me trying to explain what my website that i’m currently making to make you guys interested.

So, Right now it’s just a website that is for Manufacturing Ships, More stuff will be added like ammo, fighters, drones and citadels (more but too lazy to actually type it all out)

The website is called Biscuits Industrial, it’s been a very long journey for me as i’m an extreme scrub at coding, so i have been doing my absolute best at coding it, and making it easy on your guys eyes and actually having it understandable by anyone, New bro’s (Welcome new people!) or the Vet’s (the dudes that’s been here since day one). So i’m requesting you guys to actually take your time to check out the website but not break it too hard. As i have stated above, it’s a project of mine that i have been working alone on it but now i got some help! I got a few friends that can help but they are busy in life right now.

Coding language; react, Nodejs, DiscordJS (once we get more into the website)

The main design of the website is to try my best at making it a spreadsheet, but totally in space and allowing the changes to be made and not waiting on Google to update your spread sheet, as this is done practically done the second that i put in updates.

Website link:
Discord link:
Github: React Backend

Please do take the time on actually viewing it and leaving your reviews!

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This guy is cool sh*t 10/10 checkout his work!

Site cannot be reached oi

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