[BISHP] Bishop Industries Is Recruiting!

BI%20Logo “Bishop Industries isn’t just a corporation, it’s a family.” - Tony Guy, CEO

What is Bishop Industries? We’re a High Sec/Low Sec corporation with the infrastructure and the expertise to break both old and new players into the game. We roam. And we laugh. We mine. And we cry. But most of all, we’re all good-natured knuckleheads who just want to enjoy the game.

Sound appealing to you? Feel free to send the people listed below in-game mail, saying you saw our ad on the forum! Or, come say hello and join our Discord Channel here: Official Bishop Industries Discord

Tony Guy - CEO

Mattheus Badaloni - Recruiter

Arima Yuki - Recruiter

Best group of guys I’ve ever run with, highly recommended if you’re trying to find yourself a long term home in EVE. Hit me up game if you’re ever interested. Fly with honor, o7.

I joined a couple months ago and have enjoyed my time immensely. Great group of people to fly around with. 9/10 would recommend.

Bishop Industries is one of the best Indy Corporations in Eve. It is well led and everyone has a voice in planning the future of this fine Corporation. They are Warriors and Builders, but most important, Bishop Industries is a Family. Real Life always comes first, and having fun in the world of Eve is a must.

These guys have been guiding me since my day 1. Ive learned so much thanks to them and they’re always more than willing to show you what you need to know and will help you however they can. I’ve enjoyed my time with this awesome bunch and him saying it’s more like a family than a corp is definitely true. I wouldn’t be anywhere near as far as I have come since past 6 1/2 months at the time of writing this had Tony not recruited me when I first started in a group chat we both happened to be in. I’m heavily thankful for these guys. Can’t wait to make more awesome memories with this corp.

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