Indy Industries - New High Sec Industry Corp in Minmatar Space Is Open

Let me start by saying the best way to contact me is in-game. Open a discussion or Eve-mail me.

Indy Industries is looking for players, both experienced and new, to begin a new chapter with what will grow to be a tight knit community. This corp is very newbro friendly and I love to train players in how to get more out of their gameplay, whether it’s within the industry category or any other corner of the game.

What we offer:
Social gameplay
*A HUGE selection of BPOs to make your own copies from so you can begin to manufacture to your hearts content.
Mining boosts for common ore, moon ore, ice, and sometimes gas.
An alliance with experienced players willing to lend a hand.
Corp Discord
No play requirements. You play on your time.

*There is a two-week trial period before you will have access to the BPO collection

Contact Trevor Indy or Touchn Shuv

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