Hig Sec Mining Corp 0.6 space ideal Location, free indy ships to newbies

Hi I would like to inform anyone who is interested in Industry to check out Mclaughlin( Mick-loff-lin) Industries . I offer free skill books, ships, low tax rates and training.We are in a great location, own a poco , 8 jumps away from Dodixie(trade hub) 14 from amarr and everyones favorite ratmaze , Jita at 15 jumps. Our home base is a perfect system for industry , there is lots to offer and plenty of potential isk. , contact Paul Idaho for Q and A please.

Hello I am looking to come back to the game and trying to find an indy corp to join. I have research slots, planets to manage, barges to pilot, and manufacturer slots just waiting to be taken advantage of. I’m looking for a reason to log in daily. Contracts and orders to fill, or whatever the corp needs of me.

Hey jsut saw this , I sent you a message , get back to me whenever you can man , looking forward totalking with you.Take care

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