Returning Old Vet Seeks HS Indy Corp

Hi All,

It’s been a while, 5 years at least since I last played Eve but I’ve resubbed and I’m looking for a High Sec, Ideally Forge Based Indy Corp that do PVE, occasional PVP and potentially have access to WH Space and or aspiring toward Null Sec.

155m SP’s, good all rounder, self-sufficient, not afraid to muck in and help any corporation. Enjoy mining, mission running and don’t mind small roaming gangs but ideally not a corporation that is constantly war decced.


Please drop me a note here or feel free to chat in game if you’re interested with a little more information.



Hi Prien

Is null sec npc an option?

We are an 100% independent pvp group that operates from venal.

We do answer to no-one and we make our own decisions. We do not have blues and are of course NOT part of any coalition or any blue doughnut groups. We got 100% targets and it’s all free game.

In terms of isk making you can do what you want and there are multiple options for you to look through.

If you want to hear us out please join our discord below


please drop by

Hey if your still searching for a Corp I’ll msg you in game. Excited to speak with you!

Thanks guys

Some really nice replies and I really appreciate the in game DM’s.

I don’t mind Null, I spent several years in Fade back in the day doing big blob wars, defending structures etc.

Ideally, the corporation for me will have BOTH high sec and low sec bases of operation so I can transition between both. That and a good team with a good blend of youngsters and some old farts like me is all I’m really after.

51 in RL, UK based and still knocking about since 2003.

Have a LOT to offer if I can just find the above blend of game style.



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