Bite me inc. - Wormholes and roaming! Pew pew Lazors!


(Chitsa Jason) #1

Bite me inc. is newly reformed corporation with mission to have as much fun as possible by roaming k-space and doing things in wspace.

We currently live in C2 with Null sec and C5 statics. We use both exits to get extensive content each day. We do not have strict requirements other than to be able to scan and fly at least one properly fit ship.

Right now we are looking for individuals or corporations to join our ranks and enjoy blasting nullbears into stone-age.

List of our primary activities:

  1. Roam null sec or scan wormholes and Kill things.
  2. Eat pizza and drink beer.
  3. Be generally chill about loosing ships.

Our killboard:

You can contact us via our public channel: bitemeinc or via our public discord at:

90m sp main and 50 m sp alt looking for wh corp
170m EU looking for established alliance with good isk making opportunities and NO DRAMA
2x 100 mil sp chars looking for a uk based corp anywere
48mil SP player looking for a small gang pvp corp
Returning to game, looking for PVP
128mil SP Returning Player looking for a home (PvP toons)
32 mill sp toon looking for null/lowsec home
[EU] 61M SP LF PvP focused WH/Lowsec corp
Skilled Returning Player Looking For New Home (PVP or Anything)
LF WH Corp 85mill sp
160m SP player, returning after 2 years
28m SP Returning Player looking for a corp
Looking for a corp
Returning Player looking to get back into Wormhole space
(Winthorp) #2

Welcome back, happy hunting.

(Hathrul) #3

Join up ! need more peeps :slight_smile:

(Soldier Forrester) #4

Welcome back!

Friendly bump

(Sze Ling) #5

Bump… Welcome back!

(Hathrul) #6

Thanks guys !

(Jonn Duune) #7

Damn it is nice to see an old school name back in the game :smiley:

(Hathrul) #8

Thanks !


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(Chitsa Jason) #10

Still recruiting!

(Chitsa Jason) #12

huh? me no understand

(Mac Valdet) #13

Said something funny/dumb then tried to delete but apparently you’re not allowed to

(Hathrul) #14

Shame … We love funny and dumb guys :slight_smile:

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(Hastrik) #17

We could use some more people ! Feel free to hop in our public channel for a chat

(ArmyOfMe) #18

I’ll be in touch later today

(Malcorath Sacerdos) #19

welcome back ! nice to see some familiar alliances!! 0/

(Chitsa Jason) #20

Still need some pew pew people.

(Chitsa Jason) #21

Recruiting now!