Hole Invaders. Brand New Corp Recruiting Newbros and BitterVets

Hole Invaders, brand new corp looking for newbros and bittervets to fill our ranks.

Currently, just getting started in the corp build so living in high sec but will be heading into wormhole space asap.

Little about me. I’ve been playing eve for about 11 yrs, this is obviously an alt, my main is in nullsec doing nullsec things. I have experience in both wormhole space and nullsec as well as running nullsec corps on a director level.

So, whats the plan you ask. Well, first we need bodies then we will take those bodies and make a well oiled machine or maybe a squeaky machine that needs oil, time will tell.

Corp plans and Activities. (All we be dependent on numbers)

  • Mining with orca boosts in highsec / Rorq in wormhole

  • Pvp Fleets with training for the newbies.

  • Once we start getting numbers, I will setup corp SeAt, pathfinder, and mumble. For now, we will use a public instance of pathfinder and discord for comms.

*Move to wormhole space with all the setup for indy. Numbers in corp will dictate class of wormhole.

  • And other shenanigans as we come across it

What do we need from you?

The ability to speak and listen
The ability to train to scan
The ability to train into doctrine ships
And patience as we build up the corp together.

If interested contact me in game or for faster response time jump on discord (Still a work in progress bare with us.)

We just setup a POS in our first wormhole… Will be able to start running sites and doing pi soon.

Join discord or contact in game for more information.

Couple new members still recruiting. Corp SeAT has officially been setup. POS is setup and will getting a citadel setup over the coming days.

New Astrahuas, is online, fitted and ready for new corpmates. Join the discord or message in game.

First kills, defending our freshly placed POCOS. Hole Invaders | Corporation | zKillboard

Join in on the fun.

Getting settled in. Running sites and chasing ships. Come join in on the fun. Primarily USTZ but will take all.

Daily trip to the top

Still accepting new members

To the top

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