Black Blueprint Icons

Hey there,

I am here on the linux version of Eve Online. And I know that this problem existed a few years ago. Solution was to clear the cache and restart client. I did all that but it didnt help at all. After clearing cache most of the blueprint icons are blacked out in the industry window. Couldn’t find any recent similar topics and thus I am creating this new thread.

I have a similar problem where some of my blueprint icons are random every time I fire up the game client. Let’s say I have a missile BPO. One day the BPO icon will be a Vexor icon, the next day it will be a Veldspar icon, etc…

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Are you on Linux too?

Same behavior.
wine-5.5 (Debian 5.5-5)
dxvk 1.5.4+ds1-2 (DX11)
Intel HD 4600

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