Black Powder Arsenal 10 Years Strong INDY/Mining LF some new blood

10 Years Strong Premiere Industry Gas/Ore/Ice Mining
What we’re about:
• We are a small PvE/Industry Corporation Specializing in everything from Ammunition and Drones, to T1, T2 Ships.
• We live in an extremely Lucrative HS area with access to LS / NS
• We encourage Solo, small gang, and large-scale mining and OPS
• We run Structured and proficient mining OPS and some small PvP roams.
• Ice, and GAS mining - Extremely Lucrative in our Area

What we offer:
• Challenging yet lucrative Industry and Production Opportunities
• Very good Ore buyback program
• Ship replacement program
• Industry and Production Classes
• Orca boosted OPS
• A very Mature Player base
• Access to Industry Bonused Structures
• Pre-Fit Ships on Site

Working MIC and Discord Required

Contact here, in game, or join our recruitment channel in game below.
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Hi there! I’m new to EVE and looking for a corp that likes mining and hauling. Predominantly PVE :slight_smile:

Hello, are you still looking for new players? I started playing recently and am enjoying non-PvP activities, mining mostly for now but also looking forward to hauling, industry, entrepreneurship, etc.

Absolutely we Are! I will send you a mail in game and we can talk.

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bad ass! we sound like the right fit for you! I will send you an in game mail.

Hey @Viceroy_Balgh - could you DM me on Discord? MrJ4zzy

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