Industrial corp looking for recruits

Hello! we are a young corp looking for some new members to help us grow. we are industrialists, miners, explorers and we do some pvp. were all adults for the most part, mature and just enjoy hanging out on the game. if your interested please feel free to hit me up

Interested but I’m stuck at work atm

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I’ve got a 10yr old indy toon looking for a new home. Was in the Frenchies but they went PvP and a friend got me to joinVindictive but they are almost pure PvP and I don’t want to do that. I run full boost on Orca or Roqual’s. Also can make just about any ship in the game and fly also. I rat in null with a Niddy or Hel. I have a few capital ships I can make available for the corps use. This toon is my 2ndry miner. He also can run Orca’s. Main toons name is michaelMellinbourne.

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I also have a large selection of BPO’s including about all the frigates, destroyers, cruisers transport, mining ships and many rigs and components. I can also make a lot of T2 junk if we have the P.I. andmoon goo to make

that’s awesome. we are currently set up in a .5 system if you are interested you are more than welcome, message me in game and i will send you our discord :slight_smile:

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