Black Rose - Join a Blooming Alliance

Hope you all are having a wonderful day, feel free to stop by and chat us up!

Hope you all had a wonderful day, now join us or else!

Another evening of Eve fun, great content, humour, general nerding out!
If you dont like the corp, you can simply leave. We are new recruit friendly and have a diverse range of member skill levels. From Mining and Industry, to PvE, to PvP, we fly in WH’s, High, Low & Null Sec.

Join Black Rose today!

Black Rose is still recruiting. Now over 700 characters!

Black Rose are wanting new pilots. Experienced or not. New pilots are very welcome. Come join us.

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PVP, Industry, Shenanigans… you know where they have all that stuff on the wall. Black Rose has it all, come have some EVE Fun!

Still going strong & still recruiting. Newbies welcome.

We’re still recruiting.

Want to join an awesome Alliance and get content? We are recruiting. :smile:

Black Rose is RECRUITING

Come fly with us

All are welcome! Join us!

Still recruiting, Still growing. Come on, what are you waiting for…

Come and join us at Black Rose. One of the fastest growing corps in EVE.

Black Rose. We’re still recruiting. We welcome new players. We have classes to help you learn EVE.

Black Rose. Recruiting. We have free ships.

Black Rose. Join a Blooming Alliance

Black Rose. Join today. You won’t regret it. and still recruiting

Still recruiting, and recruiting, and recruiting, and …

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Come and join us at Black Rose. One of the fastest growing corps in EVE.