[-BR-] BlackRose, Newbie Friendly Nullsec Sov Holding Alliance


About BlackRose

BlackRose was formed around the ideals of ambition, real life first, and strong, motivated leadership. In less than 7 months we have grown from a 1 man highsec corp to a sov holding alliance with 1,800+ characters and, 20 systems in Scalding Pass as a full member of FI.RE Coalition.

We have a long way to go as an alliance, many of our members are still newer players, most of which began as a day 1 newbie in Fiction and have progressed to roles within our upper leadership due to prior real life experience and also a dedication to overcoming EVE’s learning curve to help build a long lasting and ambitious alliance.

We ultimately aim to provide a place where players come to play a game that they enjoy, not make it a job that feels like a grind through CTA after CTA until there is no time left to do what they want to in EVE.

What We Offer:

• Community & real life first attitude
• Newbie friendly & laid back environment
• No blue donut, roam for PvP almost anywhere in EVE
• Fully functional and ever-growing SOV alliance with all the bells and whistles
• Plentiful and bountiful space to rat, krab, mine, whatever your heart desires
• No minimum fleet participation requirements
• Daily, hourly, minute by minute PVP action

What We are Looking For:

• Corps and individuals looking to change their experience in EvE and not just be a number
• Competent FC’s willing to work with and train pilots to become better as one
• Industrialist, new and old ready to set up large operations in a market with rapidly growing demand

How to Contact BlackRose:

• Contact any of our diplomats below through the BlackRose Discord:
• SonnySays (SonnySays#7464)
• Uthar Thiesant(Uthar Thiesant#0866)

Learn more about us at our website here

FI.RE VS WOMBO & Dreadbomb


BlackRose. | Alliance

BlackRose.: 6,273 ships destroyed and 18,874 ships lost.

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BlackRose is recruiting!

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can i join?

BlackRose is recruiting!

BlackRose is recruiting!

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