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About Black Rose

Black Rose is a friendly, real life first alliance based in Null security space. We are largely EU & NA based timezones with some AU presence. We participate in all areas of EVE Online but are mostly PvP/industry centric with experienced FCs & frequent ore/ice mining fleets with orca boosts.

Our History

Our alliance leadership comes from old BlackRose. & Nocturne. leadership, both of which were sov holding nullsec alliances with 2,000+ & 1,000+ characters respectively.

We provide a brief history of our alliance leadership on our website here .

What we Offer

✦ Active voice chat & community
✦ Experienced nullsec leadership
✦ Multiple PvP fleets a week
✦ Daily mining fleets w/ Orca boosts
✦ Buyback @ 90% Jita buy
✦ Ship replacement for strategic fleets
✦ Training classes & dedicated new player support team
✦ Free frigates, skillbooks, & implants for new players

Our Goals

Having quickly established ourselves with our High sec corp: Embellishment, Black Rose is now operating from a Null Sec base. We are working with our team, to turn this into SoV by the end of 2024. We are focused on growing our alliances, building a solid leadership team, and creating high quality IT services tailored to our needs.

How to Join

  • (NA) Keo Anvar (ridexorxpie)
  • (NA) Destrooyah (destro8426)
  • (EU) Akimototakumi (pggixxer)
  • (EU) Airroux Serine (weezy_james)
  • (AU) Speed Thiesant (speedt0441)

Check out our Website to Learn More

Black Rose | Join a Blooming Alliance

Black Rose is a friendly, real life first EVE Online alliance in Null security space with an emphasis on community, organization, and new player content. As a group of corps, we participate in all areas of EVE and offer many paths to help our members, new and older.

Black Rose is still recruiting folks o7

Black Rose is looking for new and older players. We are recruiting! :slight_smile:

Black Rose is Looking for you! Come join us and make ISK!

Recruiting Now!!

Yeah, you guessed it! We are still Recruiting! Black Rose! Join in your own time, but seriously, your missing out!!