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You might have heard of BlackRose. The scam alliance, new bro alliance. Maybe the “They should not exist” alliance. We’ve heard it all and lived it all. We embrace and accept all those things. It’s part of our history, part of who we were. But it’s a far shot from what BlackRose. is now.

We’ve moved on from that. We’ve not sent out a spam mail in nearly a year now. Those people are gone. Moved on to other pastures, though not necessarily greener ones. Some of them still do the same ole song and dance; you might see them out there. We wish them the best of luck, but we have no part in their endeavors, nor do we want it.

What BlackRose. is, is simply a group of people trying our best to regrow from that shady past. To change the narrative and view of us. We know this road is long and full of curves, bumps and potholes. Yet somehow we manage to survive, to stay the path and charge forward the best we know how. You might not like that, or respect what we are, and we’re ok with that too. We don’t beg for it or need it. We have no illusions of grandeur. No desire to become part of the “elite”. No drive to be something we are not just to pacify the ones that do their best to bring us down.

We are not a PVP Alliance like you’ll find in Goons, PanFam, Frat or others. We don’t have a god-tier FC to take us above and beyond (though we are looking for a few, so please reach out). We’re not rich by any stretch of the imagination. Hell, we don’t even have alliances taxes. But we manage to get by, we manage to thrive in our own little slice of space. We have great friends that have our backs when we need it, and yet let us flourish on our own. We’re part of FI.RE and we will continue to be part of them for as long as they want us around. We are an enigma, black sheep, a band of deeply loyal miscreants’ hell bent on continuing our path. They are why we are still here. Still getting by, still growing, learning and redefining ourselves with every step.

So why this post? Why put ourselves out there when we know the comment section will be filled with “SPAMMERS!”? It’s simple. There are some of you that want something different. Want to not just be a number in a corp, or just a corp in an alliance. The bulk of our members are older gamers. We don’t have the hardcore, screaming, and yelling. We have family types that just like to play the game. We have “Happy Birthday” and “Hey, how was vacation?”. We don’t have PAPs or requirements just to be here. There is no membership fee or requirement to recruit, and it sure isn’t a ponzie scheme like we’ve been so elegantly labeled. (Seriously, look at Dotlan…we’re not exactly recruiting hard here.)

We have every service imaginable. We strive to provide everyone with the means to make isk and build stuff and mine and PI and do whatever it is you enjoy. We welcome indy crews and ratting crews and pvp crews and treat them all the same. We expect everyone to play their part, to help foster in a new era for BlackRose, to generate content however that may be and to help the guy flying next to you.

So here we are. Showing our faults, transgressions, and sins. We know our past. We understand the stigma that comes with the name. But we refuse to let go of it and we aren’t going to start fresh just, “to save face”, as some have said.

And that leaves you, reader. If you want to join something that is still in the beginning of the adventure, still pushing forward at every step, then we implore you to reach out. Come speak with us. Ask all the questions you want. In the end, you might find that we are the same. And maybe, just maybe, the same ambitions, goals and ideals.

You can reach out to any of our diplos or contact our exec through Discord Uthar Thiesant#0866.

Thank you,



Recruitment open, send us a message or stop by our pub channel.

Looking for a home in nullsec, shoot us a message!

Recruitment open!

Blackrose is recruiting corps for life in null-sec reach out to learn more.

Looking for a home in nullsec, shoot us a message!

Recruitment still open!

Requirements for corporations?

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