Black Shark Cult [JAWS] - Small Gang PvP training Corp in Caldari Militia


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Have you joined a horde in Nullsec and learned the basics, but now you feel like you are lost in the crowd?

Are you still mission running in Highsec, and you want to take the plunge and learn Player vs Player combat?

Do you want to learn how to make sense of 100 layers of complex interrelated systems, and somehow gain enough influence to leave your mark on the history of New Eden?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are ready to take the first step towards taking charge of your destiny!

Black Shark Cult is the lowsec campus of Black Shark Institute. We are a small focused community that approaches Eve Online not to escape a mundane Real Life, but rather to study, embrace and explore the great potential of humanity in the most complex, economic / political / military simulation ever made.
Our student numbers have several times grown to over 100, and our training campaigns have had a significant impact on the history and politics of lowsec faction warfare.

After a break from faction warfare, Black Shark Cult has moved into northern Black Rise, we have joined Bloc alliance in CalMil and are once more recruiting PvP pilots - both alpha and omega - to join us as we hone our and your small gang and solo PvP skills.

Black Shark Cult offers:

  • active Discord community and Teamspeak
  • extensive written training guides and video library on our subreddit
  • experienced mentors
  • high-grade propanda
  • daily fleet action with Bloc alliance
  • stratops with Caldari Militia Coalition
  • friendly, no-nonsense and mature attitude
  • opportunities for growth (nullsec sister corp, FC training, …)

What we expect from you:

  • willingness to learn and embrace open and honest feedback
  • alpha and omega accounts welcome

Join our active Discord community to find out more about our current training mission and talk to a recruiter today!

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Still recruiting! Alphas and omegas alike are welcome…

(Lynx Artrald) #3

Black Shark Cult recruiting is still open - got some good people onboard already but they is definitely room for more!

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