Black Void Buccaneers

Black Void Buccaneers are looking for pilots who want to have fun and grow within game towards any path they choose whilst having a safe environment to decide what that path is.

Our aim is to grow into a small to medium sized corp that offers pilots a chance to taste the many activities within the eve universe.

We are attached to a large and well run alliance that has many corps who focus on all aspects of the game. Being a member of Black Void Buccaneers will allow you to try out the many activities in game and interact with corps who have true expertise in these areas.
If at any point a member decides they want to focus on pure pvp or wormholes or whatever, we can find a dedicated home for them. If they decide they want to continue dabbling with abit of everything and helping other players find a home, they are welcome to stay with us.

What we offer as a corp is:
** Access to a fully set up highsec system complete with engineering and refining stations
** Moon Mining
** Access to an awesome Blueprint Library
** Ore, Ice and Gas Buyback
** PI (T1 and above)/Relic/Data Site Loot Buyback
** Hauling Services between our home system and Jita
** Weekly Fleet Mining Operations
** Fleet/PVP combat training
** Entry in Nullsec and Wormhole living

So, if you are interested in joining us, please message Sascha Hatori or Chenzo1331 in game or reply here and we can have a chat

still recruiting


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