BlackHeart Syndicate Alliance is Recruiting [Low/High-Sec.]

Recruitment Video:

Interested in low-sec. piracy? Null-sec. roams? Mining and capital production?

BlackHeart Syndicate is recruiting growth-oriented corporations to join us in our new Tash-Murkon low-sec. home. After starting out as a small high-sec. partnership between two corporations, we’ve grown to host 6 dedicated member corps, and we’re still growing. We offer:

  • Regular Low-Sec. mining operations

  • Numerous PvP opportunities (sieges, defense fleets, gatecamps, roams) in both low-sec. and null-sec.

  • Easy high-sec. access for missions, incursions, invasions, and markets

  • Null-sec. goals and ambitions

If you’d like more info and a full list of our requirements, message Martin Lockheart ingame.

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