Blind Obedience looking for corporations and pilots. (SOV holder alliance)

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Come and join us!

Hi there. I’ve recently come back from my January vacation to find my low-sec mining corp dead. I can fly barges/exhumers and orcas (but I’m still training those skills :wink: ) I would be interested in the thrill of living and mining in null sec. I have low pvp experience truth be told, but I’d be very glad to participate in any group activity because that is what makes this game fun :slight_smile:

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Helgaswhorehouse in game channel.

Join us there ! We can explain to you more and answer your questions

Hope to see you around o7

Which alliance are you with

Join us !

o7o7o7o7o7o7o7 hi

Im a new player and Im looking for corp or like this but PvP/PvE.
I want learn about. I can fly Frigate right now.
I have just 1.6M SP.

I have been trying to find you in game but no results so far… Join in game channel ‘’ Helgaswhorehouse ‘’ mate. I can explain to you about the alliance there better. See you around o7


Come join us !




come join us!

God Bless!



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