Blind Obedience looking for corporations and pilots. (SOV holder alliance)

Hey o/

We are SOV holder alliance in the Cache area.

We have athanors where you can mine moons, we have fortizar where you can dock your capitals up. We have experienced FCs if you looking for PVP. ( small gang/medium size fleets )

We are bunch of very experienced pilots in every aspect of this game and we are trying to make a dream come true.

What we are looking for?

  • We are looking for active pilots/corporations.

  • We are looking for pilots and corporations want to be part of a growing alliance.

  • Pilots can or willing to fly doctrines in CTA’s.

What we are NOT looking for?

-I am an industrial i wont be in CTAs type of mentality or visa versa i am a pvp pilot i dont join minining ops type of pilots.

-After get in the alliance people go inactive for 3 months. It is unacceptable for us.

-Drama queens.

-Local spammers



This is an alliance can give the opportunity where people can get better and be part of an history of the New Eden. Simply we expect people have the right mind set. Not right SP level.

If you are interested join in game channel ‘’ Helgaswhorehouse ‘’. We can discuss and explain what we looking for in more detail and answer your questions.

See you around o7

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Join us!


Come and join us!

Hi there. I’ve recently come back from my January vacation to find my low-sec mining corp dead. I can fly barges/exhumers and orcas (but I’m still training those skills :wink: ) I would be interested in the thrill of living and mining in null sec. I have low pvp experience truth be told, but I’d be very glad to participate in any group activity because that is what makes this game fun :slight_smile:

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Helgaswhorehouse in game channel.

Join us there ! We can explain to you more and answer your questions

Hope to see you around o7

Which alliance are you with

Join us !

o7o7o7o7o7o7o7 hi

Im a new player and Im looking for corp or like this but PvP/PvE.
I want learn about. I can fly Frigate right now.
I have just 1.6M SP.

I have been trying to find you in game but no results so far… Join in game channel ‘’ Helgaswhorehouse ‘’ mate. I can explain to you about the alliance there better. See you around o7


Come join us !




come join us!