Blood Watch site- no Commander spawn

Hi, All

So, I’ve run about a dozen of these over the past week and have not seen a single commander spawn in the second room, thus no loot.

It’s not an issue of not getting a drop, the last wave just never spawns.

Anybody else seen this?

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Do you desecrate the cathedral like a proper defiler should?

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Every time- I take my defiling very seriously! :slight_smile:

Yep, the cathedral is popped and the site actually despawns, but I have not seen a single commander wave.

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I looked up the site and checked out the spawn trigger:

Cathedral Wave

“Corpus Militant Overseer: You dare attack our place of reverence! You shall be punished for this blasphemous act, infidels!”

2-4 x (Destroyer) Supervisor’s Henchman (Corpior Devoter/Templar)
2-4 x (Cruiser) Supervisor’s Guardian (Corpum Arch Priest/Arch Sage)
1 x (Battlecruiser Commander) Corpus Militant Supervisor (Corpatis Fanatic/Phantom)

Killing the Militant Commander may trigger a Bonus Wave.

Bonus Wave

0-1 x (Faction Frigate) Dark Blood Collector/Raider (might drop Faction Modules)
3-4x (Elite Frigate) Elder Corpii Collector/Seeker (TD)
3-4x (Destroyer) Corpior Converter/Visionary

When the Cathedral gets into structure it may spawn another bonus wave of about 6 ships.

Destroying the Cathedral will drop random amounts of Slaves, Slavers, Slaver Hounds, Water and random food trade goods.

Killing the Militant Supervisor might trigger the escalation Medical Twilight.

Notice where it states MAY and MIGHT trigger? There should be a 50% chance of that happening but CCP has probably nerfed that RNG aspect to 20% or lower. Also notice the spawn count for the Dark Blood Frigate is 0-1, that should have a 50% chance of happening and just like I said before, CCP has probably nerfed the hell out of that as well.

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There we go- that must be it. I’ll chalk it up to crappy rolls then.

At least the bounties and salvage don’t mean it’s a complete waste of time :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer, man!

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Just as a follow-up to this, I ran another one last night and FINALLY got a commander spawn!

The drop? A Small Dark Blood Radio Crystal and a copper Dark Blood tag.

Apparently my bad luck with these continues, but at least I’ve actually gotten a spawn at this point.

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Yeah, those items - Faction ammo & Pirate Dog Tag - are the basic default loot drop for Commander NPC’s. Just like OPE is the basic loot drop for Overseer NPC’s. Those items are guaranteed to drop. Any other loot items are subject to a particular loot table and whatever base number percentage CCP has put in that RNG table.

Personally I don’t think it’s a matter of good luck verses bad luck, it’s all about percentages based on type of NPC sites being run as well as the amount of sites completed. The more you do, the better chance you have of getting Faction / Deadspace loot.

Yeah, I do a ton of DED sites. This particular one has just been the worst for me as far as drops go.

Oh, well- as I said, at least the salvage is decent :slight_smile:

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Yeah, also certain aspects of exploration sites seem to have more favorable RNG stats then others.

For example in my experience I’ve noticed that Sansha anomaly sites have a higher chance to escalate to DED site than Angel anomaly sites. Also on that note the Sansha DED sites have a higher chance to drop Deadspace loot.

Whereas the Angel anomaly sites have a higher chance to spawn Commander NPC’s than Sansha anomaly sites. Also those Commander NPC’s have a higher chance to drop Faction loot.


Actually now that I think about it, I should say that players have a higher chance of getting Faction / Deadspace loot from those because their RNG table is more favorable with higher percentage stats.

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I’ve found drops on these sites have dried up considerably, to the point of meh, why bother? When I scan one down I instantly recall the time and effort it takes and the many, many times I end up with paltry loot and salvage. Then, about 1 of 10 Watch or Vigil sites I get the bling. I find greater chance of something good in Chemical Yards and other 3-4 of 10 DED sites.


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