Bloodhungry 50M pilot LF high quality WH PVP Corp <3

Bloodhungry pilot looking for an established, friendly, mature and well managed WH PvP Corp to join!

Me in a nutshell :peanuts: :

  • 50+M sp pilot + alts
  • EU TZ
  • Earlier wh experience (C2 home) – now living in null and longing to get back to the dangers w-space
  • Some PvP experience in wh small gangs & null gangs and fleets (100B destroyed, 10–20B of which in small gangs)
  • My best EVE experience has been raiding a WH for billions worth of property
  • PvP oriented; PvE to afford it
  • Skills for scanning, recons, T3’s, dictors, HACs, hictors; training for blops
  • Favourite ship is the Lachesis
  • HR, recruitment and management experience in earlier corp and IRL
  • Teamwork oriented
  • Calm, friendly, polite, sensible, patient, cautious (as opposed to hyper, rude, obnoxious, cantankerous, careless)
  • Perhaps even too cautious for some tastes (though now that I have accumulated a bit of ISK, less fucks are given by me :man_shrugging: )
  • Voice comms, fluent English
  • Ready and willing to learn

Must-haves for your Corp:

  • C4+ home
  • Daily PvP efforts (active EU TZ)
  • Strict recruitment standards
  • Some (very) experienced pilots who tutor
  • Quality leadership and communication
  • Enforces common practices (regarding eg. intel, bookmarks, fleets, voice comms…)
  • Possibility to learn to FC
  • Clear timezones
  • Good community: Members treat others with respect despite heated circumstances (eg. limited toxic masculinity[1])
  • Zero tolerance for racism, sexism, nationalism, homophobia etc.

Bonus points for:

  • Good reputation
  • Cool name + logo :o)
  • If we share a common enemy :o)

Note that recruitment does not have to be instant; I can wait and will thoroughly consider my options in any case. Please reply below or by EVE mail to this character. In your response please describe how your Corp meets the standards above and what vacancy you have for me. I will also appreciate it if you summarise your corp doctrine (if any).

Fly safe! o7

[1] I’ve been to enough fleets in which voice comms degenerate into a whirlpool of gay jokes and metaphoric penis flailing, thank you very much.

Still looking for the Corp of my dreams. :star2:

hey man i just read your post, think you might have fun playing with us. We live in a C5 - C5 red giant. some what of a smaller group but we have some preety decent players. we do alot of small gang/ nano. We also have a armor doctrine for wh brawls.

i think we preety much meet all of your requirements. here is our recruitment thread. feel free to join our in game pub chat or discord.

Thanks for your message. I’ll definitely take Reload This into consideration.

There are not many high-class corps left.
Here is a great orientation, all the big names can be found there, you will have to apply directly to your dreamcorp. If they can actually provide what you are looking for, with high recruiting standards, they most likely don’t have recruiters watching the forums.

Have a look into Magister Mortalis or Mouth Trumpet Cavalry, not exactly high-class brawling content but they seem like fun groups. Also shoutout to Hole Control, decent corps in there. If you can speak german [RE-HO] is a secret tip.

Keep in mind the biggest groups get far less fights.

Thank you for your insight, tips and the list of corps, much appreciated.

I’ll clarify that I’m not restricting my search to immense size corps only – what I’m looking for are a healthy culture, good management practices and critical mass. Also regarding recruitment I’m not looking for an elite pilots only corp (I’m sure I wouldn’t qualify). Instead, I’m expecting an understanding over the fact that wh life without skillpoints or basic understanding of Eve is very painful, as well as an effort to keep “sillies” out of corp, instead of having an open doors policy.

Would be great to chat when your next around :slight_smile: I’ve dropped you a mail in game.

Thanks for reaching out. I’ll take a look at Suddenly Spaceships / Mind Games and get back to you shortly.

Hey dude, i run a really active wh corp. Im on my phone and out atm so i cant give the full pitch but check us out on zkill. Were called The Grey Eagles

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