Blops, Indy, Hunters. Small Corp looking to grow

We are a small corp looking to expand our ranks. Our alliance covers most time zones but we are looking for USTZ. Our goal is to be a primarily Blackops/recon corp and that requires pilots of all types.

We need:

  • Miners and industrial freaks to build ships
  • Stalker/hunter/tackle freaks to find targets
  • Blops freaks. Blackops, recons, stealth bombers.
  • Seasoned FCs to lead fleets into the fire.


  • Sov Null without the hassle of large coalition wars and where the corp has it’s own system
  • Ice in the corp system
  • Moon mining access
  • Sov Null Ratting
  • A Corp and Alliance JF network to get your fav ships out quickly
  • Doctrine ships on contract and SRP
  • A great Alliance environment focused on looking out for and helping one another.
  • Industry structures for production, research, etc.
  • Plenty of ISK making options.
  • Rapid forming standard PVP fleets
  • Organized standard PVP fleets
  • 0.1% Ratting Tax Rate

What I’m looking for.

  • 20mil SP minimum
  • T1 Bomber capable at a minimum
  • Must be ISK self sufficient.
  • Pilots that are looking to become an integral part of the Corp and Alliance.
  • Pilots that are tired of being in corps with CEOs that went out to get milk and never came back
  • Groups of friends or small corps that may be interested in merging into us for the benefits.

Reach out to me in-game: Lycka Cool or join “G.H.0.S.T Pub”

Are you looking to add a small pirate corporation?

I would if the pilots are blops/recon capable.

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