Bob's Watch - Mercenary Services

Bobs Watch Services

We are a PVP group that stages out of Jita and manoeuvres to where we need to go. Our primary operations take place in wormhole space but we also take contracts in low sec and null.

Our killboard: Bob's Watch | Corporation | zKillboard

Some highlights of evictions and kills so far.

We are also looking for pilots, more information in our recruitment thread: Bob's Watch - Mercenary PvP Corporation

The best way to contact us is on discord here Bob's Watch
or by sending a mail to “Redpainhawk” in-game.


Do not use bob’s watch under any circumstances. They are just a jita scam corporation.
redpainhawk is a known scammer, and in my time with the corp they have proved to be nothing but a front to evanto/hole control. Redpainhawk has scammed 2 corps already out to the tune of 50bil in less than a month.
You have been warned.

I mean you left the corp before we could explain the details of the operation and give you the after-action report. Now you are spreading lies and making assumptions about things you don’t know.

If any corp or alliance is concerned they can reach out to us. I don’t have time to deal with your petty PR Campaign against Bob’s Watch.