Bob's Watch - Mercenary PvP Corporation

Bob’s Watch is OPEN for recruitment.
We provide:
★ Handouts for fleets
★ Mercenary contacts
★ No obligations
★ Daily PvP Content

We are a PVP group that stages out of Jita and manoeuvres to where we need to go for content. Our primary operations take place in lowsec and wormhole space. Our operations vary from wormhole evictions, lowsec fights and mercenary contacts.

Our doctrines are handouts; the only investment we require from you as an applicant is your knowledge, skill points, and willingness to learn and adapt to rapidly changing environments. And, as always, the drive to engage in content. Our goal is to give you content that you can jump into whenever you like.

You can check out our killboard Bob's Watch | Corporation | zKillboard

Join our discord Bob's Watch
Or our in-game chat “Bob’s Watch Public”

Recruitment is open. Join our discord, we are here to answer any questions.

Helped this guy move out of his WH today.

Can I hire some of your members as armed escorts?

Not really the sort of thing we do, but feel free to join our discord and we can hear you out.
We have a separate thread for our services here

Due to recruitment threads only being bumped once per day.

Don’t be shy! Join our discord Bob's Watch

Recruitment is open. Lots of content to join in on.

Another core for our collection.

Holy crap. You that Finnish maniac RedPainHawk is in your corp?

Yes, that finish maniac is an FC for Bob’s watch. :rofl: