Boennerup banden is back in business with The bastard cartel in 0.0

Boennerup banden

is Recruiting active pilots

What We Can Offer:

  • SRP
  • Small/Medium Gang
  • Black Ops Fleets
  • Alliance Fleet Ops
  • Coalition Fleet Ops
  • Tax Free Tuesdays!
  • Thirsty Thursdays! (Corp pvp fleets)
  • Excellent Logistic Backbone
  • Access to unbeatable income (ratting/ mining/ PI)

What We Are Looking For:

  • Alpha & Omega Clones
  • Carefree, Friendly Attitude!
  • Willing To Train Into Fleet Doctrines
  • Actively use Discord/ Mumble/ Forums
  • 5mil SP
  • Active 3+ days of the week

join our recruitment channel B—B Recruitment

or contact Kastet Mamont SexehMammah undefeated bagheera black


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