Book of Todram by Sebiestor Lynn Yi; Volume II

The end of YC 120 brings the 2nd chapter from the YC New Eden Capsuleer’s Writing Contest which won an honorable mention - Book of Todram by Sebiestor Lynn Yi. The Book of Todram Volume II by Sebiestor Lynn Yi covers key exploits of her life the rest of the year after her dramatic rescue from the Ammatar. Writing these volumes are a tradition of the Sebiestor Tribe such as Sebiestor Vuld Haupt. As with her predecessor who felt the need of evolution of tradition so that its meaning is not lost, so too believed Lynn Yi. For what is a tradition without knowledge of how it came to be but a twisted blasphemy of the spirit of the past? Our Minmatar lost traditions are better off left shelved until its history has been uncovered to be taught yet again.

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